Friday, August 27, 2010

CWG Delhi 2010 - Rain Rain Go Away!!

The latest on the shambolic CWG 2010 preparations is that all the venues will miss the September 10 deadline. I wonder why have the deadlines in the first place when you can't adhere to them. And the culprit this time is the monsoon rains in Delhi. Apparently, the Delhi CM, Mrs. Sheila Dixit, is praying to the rain God in the hope that it stops raining in the national capital and that they can complete all the construction works. Maybe, Mrs. Dixit should refresh her nursery rhymes and design her own version of the popular rhyme. It could go something like this:

Rain Rain Go Away
Come again on October 15,
Uncle Kalmadi wants to play
Rain Rain Go Away

Thursday, August 26, 2010

U.S Open Tennis: Men's Preview

It may sound like a cliche. But, the fact is: The 2010 US Open promises to be the most open "Open" for a long time.

Lets cut to the men's analysis:
We have the usual suspects as the favorites for the men's singles title. World Number 1, Rafael Nadal is probably the biggest bet to win the title even though he has never won "it" before. He has been consistent throughout the European summer winning his 5th French Open and 2nd Wimbledon titles. Yes, the surface at the US Open is the fastest among all the grand slams and probably the toughest surface for Nadal to conquer. However, the same was said about Nadal before he won his first Wimbledon and then his first Australian Open. It is a known fact that Rafa is no more a one-trick pony and is one of the greatest of all times. He has had a decent enough preparation on the North American hard courts even though he dint win any titles(this may actually be a boon to him in the context of the Open) and he looks definitely a prime contender to go deep into the second week in New York.

World Number 2, Roger Federer has had a very up and down season till now starting with the high of his 16th Australian Open title and the "lows" of QF exits in Paris and Wimbledon. Mind you, a QF exit for any other player would be considered a major success. But, considering the "monster" that he had created for himself, any other than a GS win is considered a failure. Anyways, he has not had the best of seasons by his standards by any means and losses to the big-hitters, Soderling and Berdych did seem to have hurt his psyche a little bit. He has come back after a break in fine form reaching the final in Toronto and defending his Cincinnati crown. The marked improvement in his game was in his aggressive backhand which he used to good effect and the overall temperament has been nice and positive. The question is, can he translate this once-again-found success on the GS arena. Looking at his pedigree, I wouldn't bet against him.

1936:Fred Perry 2010:Andy Murray?
That is the question on every Brit and Scot tennis fan. Will Murray translate his obvious talent into a Grand Slam title? If there is any surface which will suit him, it is the Deco Turf in Flushing Meadows. He has had a rough mid-season starting with the clay court season and extending till the Wimbledon. The start of the US hard court has re-invigorated him and he had a good run in Toronto clinching his first title of the season against a clearly out-of-sorts Federer, who for some reason decided to shelf his aggressive game for a day. Murray, who has been weighed down by the huge pressure back home to become the first player since Fred Perry to win a GS title needs to constantly take it match by match and not get carried away by the British-media. Will the Brit-media be cheering their hero by the end of the fortnight or will it be yet another long wait for the British/Scot fans? Time will tell.

Among the other contenders are Novak Djokovic and Robin Soderling. Add Tomas Berdych and Andy Roddick into the mix and you have a really good US Open in the making. Anyone among the mentioned names could win the title on their day. Djokovic, even though he is ranked 3rd in the world, has not shown the kind of performance and consistency in Grand Slams as he has done in the other tournaments. He has been found wanting in his fitness especially when playing in the heat and NY could be more of the same. If he can improve his fitness and mental fortitude, I believe, he should have more to show to his grandchildren than the 2008 Australian Open crown. Soderling is ranked Number 5 in the world and has entered the big league of tennis players. Now, he needs to do the big thing. Win the thing. However, I am not very sure if his time has come yet.

Overall, a very open field at the US Open and anything can happen. But, can anybody look past Federer or Nadal to win the title? After all, they have won all but two of all the Grand Slams played in the last 6 years. If you want to know where I have put my money. Well, it is in my bank!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Let the IPL(Games) Begin!!!

Its been almost two weeks since the Indian Premier League(IPL) got up and running with an awesome opening ceremony in Bangalore followed by an even more breathtaking century by the Kiwi-Brendon McCullum in the opening match. There is no questioning the stupendous success of the IPL and we have seen crowds take to the gorunds in their thousands even in the oppressive Indian summer heat. Amid these scenes, one thing is for certain: The game of cricket has changed forever. But, has it changed for the better or the worse? That is for us to analyse.

One of the notable differences between the EPL(English Premier League) and the IPL is that EPL did not change the way football is played. Since the time, football was introduced, it has been played over 90 minutes with a break of 45-minutes and the only aim is to put the ball into the opposition goal and prevent a ball being sent into your own goal. Cricket is essentially, a game between the bat and ball and demands equal importance to the batsman as well as the bowler. But, with the introduction of T20 cricket and IPL, the bowlers have been reduced as a side show. Its the batsman who is expected to hit sixes after sixes, and bowlers are just expected to run up and send down lollipops. This has led to uneven contests between bat and ball. One argument is that, there are some good bowlers who end up picking up wickets. The word GOOD needs to be underlined here as in T20, lots of great and good bowlers pick up wickets but one cannot deny the fact that lots of ordinary batsmen end up scoring runs by the ton as well.

We have also heard that in T20 cricket, the bowlers have a better chance of picking up wickets as the batsmen are looking to hammer each and every ball out of the park and are in turn taking a lot of risks which they would not have taken in a Test Match. While, this argument has logic, there are some other aspects which need consideration here. For example, the pitch. If the pitch is one which is tailor-made for batsmen, and an absolute featherbed, with nothing in for the bowler, the chances for a bowler taking a wicket off a good ball are few and in the same way, the chances of a batsman hitting a great ball for a six are also good. Another aspect is the boundary line. We have seen the boundary lines in cricket decreasing at an alarming rate of late, once again, courtesy, 20-over cricket because of which even rank mishits are carrying for sixes. So, here we have a situation that a bowler completely deceives a batsmen and ends up giving away six runs. Also, in this scenario, the spinner's role is going to be very negligent as he will not be able to flight the ball and thus, his role is relegated to just a run-restricting one and not an attacking one. If some of these aspects are given some thought by the administrators, we could see some even contests between bat and ball. The recent match between the Knightriders and the Chargers is a case in point. It was a minefield of a pitch at Eden Gardens where the bowlers enjoyed themselves and that match ended up being a thriller.

Some have mentioned that all forms of the game(Test Match, ODI, T20) will co-exist but I have my reservations about this. One of the examples is the Test Series, immediately preceding the IPL, between South Africa and India. For anyone who witnessed the series closely, there was no doubt that most of the Indian players were looking to preserve themselves for the IPL rather than play test matches. The way we lost the 2nd test match at Ahmedabad, proves this point. There was no committment from any of the players as India was bowled out for less than a 100 on a good pitch. The players sometimes cannot be faulted. After all, IPL is paying them 10-20 times more than what a test match pays, that too for 3 hours of madness!! So what, if you are representing the nation when playing a test match? Cricket is one of the very few sports where even though you play for the national team, you earn millions of dollars a year. No other sport pays so much when playing for the nation. Its when, you represent the club or franchisee, that the other sports pay.

Overall, IPL has,literally changed the face of world cricket. Franchisee cricket could be the order of the day in years to come. But, with the cricket calendar, jam-packed as it is now, we need to really look at creating a separate window for IPL which would ensure that all the contracted foreign players are able to turn up for the entire duration of the tournament.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Of Sachin and Fitness!

Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman produced by India in any form of the game and is a role model for innumerous youngsters learning the game of cricket. However, recently, he showed the kind of irresponsible behaviour which was not expected from a man of his stature.

Immediately after the tour of Australia, the then physio, John Gloster, had in his fitness report mentioned that Sachin needs rest of at least 2-3 weeks in order not to aggravate the groin injury he had sustained in Australia. However, Sachin, inspite of the physio's advice, pronounced to the world and the media that he was 100% fit as far as he was concerned and was raring to play in the first test match against the visiting South Africans . His contribution to the Indian team in the first test was a BLOB. Of the 5 days of the match, he spent 70% of the game in the dressing room. He did not take the field on the last day as it was diagnosed that the groin injury had flared up and this time resulted in the him missing the next two test matches.

If it was any other Indian cricketer who had done such a thing, I would not have dwelled a lot on such a behaviour. Sachin, by playing a test match, when he was not fully fit, could have even joepardised the team's chances of coming up with a win though in hindsight, that was not the case. The point is, it could have cost India the match. Agreed that Sachin played in the 2nd final of the CB series in Australia, when he had the groin niggle, but that was an limited overs match and this was a test match played over 5 days.

After the Indian team returned from Australia, all the players who had played in the test matches were asked to undergo fitness tests to prove their fitness. Even, those in the ODI squad with dodgy fitness were tested, but Sachin was not asked to prove fitness when it was clearly mentioned by John Gloster that he was not fully fit. This is the kind of favoritism which has been the bane of Indian cricket and will continue to be so forever. Now, by aggravating the injury, Sachin could have done more harm than good to his body.

For the sake of Indian cricket as well as his Sachin's supporters, which includes me, I do hope Sachin comes back to full fitness soon because the team needs him more than anyone else.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

End of a Streak,Yes, But certainly not the end of an Era

I was unable to watch the semi-final match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic as I was in work and followed the match on the internet. At the end of it all, I felt it was just as well that I was unable to watch the match, as it was too hard to digest the fact that King Federer would not be in the final. This event was going to happen for the first time since the French Open 2005. That was the last time Federer did not reach the final of a grand slam. Since then, he has graced the grand final of 10 straight grand slams and won 8 of them. I was in tears as the news of Federer losing sank into me. It is late on Sunday as I compose this blog and Djokovic has beaten Tsonga in a thrilling final and I still haven't come to terms with the fact that Federer has not reached the final. I was unable to concentrate on anything else and was almost in tears as the news sunk in.

Sometimes, I ask myself, How long will the Federer reign continue? With the kind of depth in tennis we have today with the likes of Nadal, Djokovic, Roddick, Murray, Gasquet and a host of other promising young players knocking on Federer's doors, the standard and quality in men's tennis may never have been higher. This is the kind of competition Federer has to deal with day in and day out as he tries to catch up with the great Pete Sampras and eventually overhaul him. There is no doubt that Federer may no longer be the player he was in 2006 when he hardly put a foot wrong( read French Open). And even when he had a decent 2007 as per his very high standards, he still won 3 majors(Australian, Wimbledon & US) and was stretched only in the Wimbledon Final. So, it is definitely quite early to write federer off just on the basis of his performance Down Under, especially when you consider he was coming off a stomach illness which did hamper his preparations. Believer it or not, considering his non-preparation, he did have a very good tournament reaching the semifinal. But, such is his domination that if Federer does not win a tournament, it is considered a Big Big failure. As Federer himself admitted, he has created a monster that he needed to win every tournament he plays.

The Australian Open is now over and the master has got a month's rest before he takes to the courts for the Dubai Open. And with no pressure of winning the Grand Slam(4 slams in the same year) this year around, I am sure he is going to go all out in his preparations for the French Open. His preparations for the French major is going to be much more strong this year as he is playing an extra clay tournament at Estoril. And I personally feel that if he gets the French Open, he would be able to push on for the 6th straight Wimbledon & his 5th straight US Open titles without too much of an added pressure. There is no doubt that the Djokovics and the Nadals of this world are going to give Federer the fight of his life but the kind of champion that Federer is, we can expect him to come back in roaring fashion. The first battle of 2008 has been completed Down Under and we can expect the action to hot up in the run up to round 2 in Paris and Federer would be in the thick of the action trying to get his hands on the Musketeer's cup for the first time. We can talk all about it on June 8th. And so the journey begins for the Master.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Falling Like A Pack of Cards

The Indians capitulated, rather meekly by 337 runs, to the Australians in the Boxing Day test match in Melbourne. If they had played another inning, they would have still have lost. Such was the domination by the Australians.

The day India landed in Melbourne, Harbhajan Singh was graceful enough to talk to the media. He made some remarks stating that India would want to see Brad Hogg play in the test matches, that they would get after him and hit him out of the attack and that he was not good enough spin bowler. Well, Hogg responded by getting Sourav Ganguly, the best batsman in the Indian team on current form, in both the innings. Harbhajan Singh, ended up with a below-par performance(an understatement!!) in the match. This is what separates Australia & other teams. Teams like India, they are very good at Talking the Talk. But, when it comes to Walking the Walk, they get found out almost always.

The MCG pitch, was more sub-continental in nature and it was as if India was playing in Bangalore rather than Melbourne. But, our batting still collapsed. Why? Its inexplicable. Not even the batsmen would have the answers. There are three things which separate Australia from India. Skills, Temperament & Desire to Win. I think they lacked all these ingredients.

So, here we are, 0-1 down with Sydney, Perth & Adelaide to go. As far as India is concerned, they need to get in Sehwag into the side. I think the selectors did a good job heeding to Ian Chappell's advice and got him into the squad. If there is a batsman who can put the fear into Australian bowlers, it is him. Agreed that he is not in good form, but he is a better bet than a Yuvraj who is not troubling the scorers much anyways. Dravid, has sacrificed himself for far too long in the interests of the team. He shouldn't be messed around with and should come in his usual position at one down. Yuvraj needs to carry the drinks until he can prove that he is a good enough player in test arena. But, he cannot be given too many chances in a series like this when you need all your best batsmen playing at their best. Yuvraj, sadly, does not fit into the picture here. Sehwag, if he fails, will not make such a big difference because the others are anyways, not doing much. But, if he fires like he did last time in Australia, we could see bit of a fight from the Indians.Tough situations demand tough decisions and India are in much more than just a spot of bother at the moment.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Henin Beats Serena & Venus in US Open

The US Open 2007 is in its final leg with the women's final & men's semis and final remaining. The match between Justine Henin & Venus Williams in the semi final yesterday was a match for the ages. Even though the scoreline read 7-6,6-4 favoring Henin, it was one of the most diffucult matches ever played by Henin & it was certainly THE match of the tournament on both the men's as well as the women's side.

Henin's achievement is even more creditable as she became only the second woman to beat both the Williams sisters in a grand slam. This feat was achieved by Martina Hingis in the Australian Open in 2001. However, Justine has a chance to make it even better by winning the Final in which she has to be the overwhelming favorite tonight. She would become the first player to beat both the sisters and also win the title, a feat Hingis could not achieve as she lost steam in the final losing to Jennifer Capriati in 2001 in Australia.

Now, coming to the match yesterday, it was an instant classic right from the outset as Henin broke serve in the opening game of the match. Both players held serve from then on and as Henin served for the set, she lost her serve for the first time. In between all this, we saw some superlative tennis by both players with winners pouring like a cascade on all corners of the Arthur Ashe stadium court. It was tennis as its very best at one gut-wrenching & spellbinding. It was Henin who held her nerve in the tie-break to take the fist set. The second set too followed the same pattern as Henin broke Venus in the very first game. Venus, suffering from fatigue looked to be in discomfort as she called the trainer but that did not deter her from breaking Henin back when she was serving for the match at 5-3. However, Venus once again lost steam in her next service game as Henin clinched the match at 7-6, 6-4. One of the most memorable matches in US Open history for sure.

Venus' was gracious in admitting that she lost to the better player on that day, a stark contrast to her spoilt & ungracious sister, Serena. Serena even had the guts to call Henin's victory in the quarterfinal against her, "lucky". Well, let me tell you that there was nothing lucky about Henin's performance in both these matches. She played some astonishing tennis and should be able to hoist the US Open trophy on Saturday night unless she has an emotional let-down after beating both the Williams sisters in the same tournament.

This could be a historic US Open what with Federer just two wins shy of winning his 4th straight US Open title and his 12th Grand Slam title. We'll know in a couple of days time and I will be back then to post my thoughts on the remaining matches. So long.