Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Journey to Land of Uncle Sam

Here I am bitten by yet another bug, this time it is the blog bug.One among thousands who have already suffered the same fate.For starters,I would like to narrate the experience of my journey to the US and the emotions attached with it.Where to start.Okay, I will start with Jan 13, the night I was to leave India.The entire day was a roller-coaster of emotions for me as it dawned on me that I would be away from my near and dear for god-only-knows how many months.I spoke with all my friends and took their leave with the promise that I would be back pretty soon.We had a family get-together in the evening and by the end of the evening I was already feeling the pain of leaving everyone and going away alone.It was especially difficult for me to leave my mother and my sister who had just delivered a cute lil baby gal,Samyuktha.God, I miss her.At the end of the day though, I had to travel and I set out for the airport accompanied by my Brother-in-law and uncle.Almost all the way to the airport, the tears would not stop flowing.Once I cleared security, I was all on my own though I was later joined by my friend at Mumbai.The journey took an eternity while we travelled from Chennai to Mumbai to Chicago to finally , Phoenix.My room mates received us at the airport an took us to the apartment.On reaching,I called home and on hearing my sister's voice,broke down completely.It was hard to believe that I was that far away from home.I am sure that there are many many people who face this kind of situation in life.So, that was how I landed here.Since then, I have been faced with all kinds of challenges( of which many of you are awareof!) and there was the fun aspect as well :).In fact, my stay of nearly 4 months has been nothing short of an adventure where we have faced problems aplenty.That part would have to wait for a little while.Until then, See you and take care.